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Microwave Science Header - Artist Concept of a MWSCI Instrument Scanning the Earth's Surface
global hawk
NASAs GRIP campaign took place from August - September 2010. During this field experiment, a number of aircraft were mounted with scientific instruments that were tasked with the goal of observing and collecting data about tropical cyclones as they formed in the North Atlantic. HAMSR was one of the instruments that was mounted aboard the Global Hawk aircraft during GRIP.

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Mission Galleries
Here you will find photos and images of missions that carry microwave science instruments.


Instrument Galleries
These galleries contain images of field tests and data campaigns that used microwave instruments such as GeoSTAR and HAMSR.

GeoSTAR in the Lab
First GeoSTAR Test Images
Check back soon for images of hurricanes, climate processes, and weather patterns, as recorded by microwave science instruments.

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