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SHOUT Campaign Data

Below are links to data files collected by The High Altitude MMIC Sounding Radiometer (HAMSR) during the SHOUT field campaign.

Please be aware that starting with the SHOUT flights, brightness temperatures are contained in files that also include NRT L2 products.

Documentation and software for HAMSR data can be found here.

NOTE: L2 products are likely to be updated from time to time, as processing algorithms are improved and as dictated by analysis results.

2016 ENSO Flights

2016-02-12 Flight Data

  • L1B and NRT L2 Data
HAMSR_NRT_20160212_20160213.tar (1.4 GB)
  • Swath Quicklooks
HAMSR_SWATH_QUICKLOOKS_20160212.tar (22.3 MB)
  • Profile Quicklooks

2016-02-15 Flight Data

  • L1B and NRT L2 Data
HAMSR_NRT_20160215_20160216.tar (1.5 GB)
  • Swath Quicklooks
HAMSR_SWATH_QUICKLOOKS_20160215.tar (24.6 MB)
  • Profile Quicklooks

2016-02-21 Flight Data

  • Swath Quicklooks
HAMSR_SWATH_QUICKLOOKS_20160221.tar (2.9 MB)
  • Profile Quicklooks

2015 Hurricane Flights

2015-08-21 Flight Data

  • L2 Data
HAMSR_L2_20150821_20150822.tar (894 MB)

2015-08-26 Flight Data

  • L2 Data
HAMSR_L2_20150826_20150827.tar (1.7 GB)

2015-08-29 Flight Data

  • L2 Data
HAMSR_L2_20150829_20150830.tar (1.8 GB)

2015-09-05 Flight Data

  • L2 Data
HAMSR_L2_20150905_20150906.tar (1.9 GB)
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